Renewable Energy Installation

Your Renewable Energy project need not be expensive, complicated or disruptive. We pride ourselves on giving a professional consultancy and recommending the most appropriate Renewable Energy technologies and solutions for our customer’s individual requirements. From finance application to a technical survey and feasibility study. From system design to a Renewable Energy installation we will ensure that your project is professionally completed on time, on budget and with minimal disruption to you and your business. Our finance team are experts in Renewable Energy funding solutions and are fully aware of any grants and incentives that are available, we offer direct application assistance and continued customer support to all of our customers. Our design team are skilled across multiple engineering disciplines and architecture. Our project engineers are experienced with project management across multiple Renewable Energy technologies, working closely with a range of manufacturers so that we can offer Renewable Energy solutions to varying budgets.

Commercial Solutions starts with an Energy Audit

The purpose of an Energy Audit is to collect data from  these key energy areas, and to provide drill-down information to show where and how energy is being used, and what the associated costs are. This information is then used to configure the right solution for each specific area, and show the financial cost paybacks for the proposed solutions. The detailed Energy Audit Report should provide enough information for businesses to make an informed decision about how to address their  ever increasing energy costs.

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We can help you make decisions real-time

Energy Monitoring is critical when compiling Energy Audits, as this ensures that the correct data for each targeted energy area is collected and analyzed. The right energy monitoring needs to be  used, otherwise small energy fluctuations or short PEAK Demands could be missed, which could result in the incorrect energy solution being sized. Once all the data has been recorded, professional energy software produces meaningful reports for the Energy Audit process.​ Energy Monitoring is also required for some Rebate Programs that required that actual energy use to be recorded before the applicable rebate will be paid back to the customer.

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Lighting Audits - LED Lighting Rebates

For homes, offices and common areas where down-lights and other standard bulbs are used, LED lights provide energy savings as high as 90%, while being quick and easy to install. LED bulbs are available to fit into nearly all standard  light fittings, making them the ideal solution to reduce energy costs for any lights that burn for a few hours a day.  If a solar system is installed, LED lights provide the most economical use of the solar energy being generated, thereby reducing the overall cost of the solar solution required.​

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Solar Panel for Truck Cabs and Refrigerated Trailers

CHESS Truck Flex modules are utilized on commercial trucks, refrigeration trucks, and buses to reduce fuel consumption. The lightweight and flexible modules are designed to attach to different kinds of vehicle roofs and roof surfaces. The modules integrate into the roof surface and do not add any additional wind load. 

System Value Proposition
» Reduces generator run-time
» Silent power
» Reduces diesel fuel consumption
» Reduces CO₂ emission
» Promotes a healthier environment

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Commercial Renewable Energy Leasing - Let our team develop an affordable energy solution

Financing makes on-site power cheaper than grid electricity by making long-term clean energy savings possible. The difference from other organizations compared to C.H.E.S.S., LLC's approach is we look at the best renewable solutions for our clients needs. Whether it's solar PV, solar thermal, geothermal, wind, etc., we look to design and implement the best on-site energy solution for our clients needs.

Our experts work with commercial, residential, municipal and institutional clients to finance their solar installations and have reduced their monthly electric bills while enjoying solar energy security. Then we set up active monitoring solutions to help our clients see their energy savings and their reduction of their carbon footprint. We help our clients realize a triple bottom line in their organizations.

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